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Entry #134

wat u say

2013-06-08 15:10:53 by Irrelephant

say that to face

wat u say


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2013-06-08 15:22:24

I'd rather not.

Irrelephant responds:

say 2 face


2013-06-09 02:45:28

it doesnt have a soul

Irrelephant responds:

say 2 face not online


2013-06-09 17:35:50

ill fite u irl

Irrelephant responds:

bring it on black molotov


2013-06-10 10:40:11

u wnt 2 say tht 2 my gabbr m8

Irrelephant responds:

i will slap a cunt


2013-06-11 22:07:19

Hi doggie.


2013-06-12 22:52:06

Please mr black molotov waz my fther oh fick it

(Updated ) Irrelephant responds:

just give up


2013-06-14 20:13:00

that dog has some attitude

you need to straighten that pug and show him whose the alpha male

(Updated ) Irrelephant responds:

hes not my dog tycrane


2013-06-16 15:29:51

haha niice

Irrelephant responds:

this real shit 2012 legalize dat kush


2013-06-16 20:43:54

you look real stupid for actually thinking hatch is a gangsta

Irrelephant responds:

hes gonna join my crew we have monopoly night every thursday but i usually win because i sneak 100s from the bank when no ones looking


2013-06-16 21:52:00

come at me bro

Irrelephant responds:

join my crew


2013-06-19 10:18:10

How dare you not respond to my comment my lawyers will be contacting you.

Irrelephant responds:



2013-06-22 02:10:16

im pregnant and you are the mother


Irrelephant responds:

blackmolotov thats not biologically possible

quit trolling


2013-06-29 22:25:25

dat do fun a


2013-07-01 13:29:53

Say face to that


2013-07-17 02:34:47

I was having a sour night. This made me laugh. Thanks.


2013-07-24 22:49:22

man u gay


2013-08-15 16:06:36



2013-08-15 23:01:25

y u do dis doge


2013-08-26 12:22:51

Oh hey, I thought you were dead.


2013-08-27 22:35:06

Welcome to the deadzone.


2013-09-25 07:52:11

Wat's happening, captain? Blog posts are other ppl's BBS, ya know.....


2013-12-24 00:09:33

u 'aving a giggle m8? i'll fook u up sware on me mum


2013-12-24 17:53:19

im deleting u on steem buddy


2014-02-01 11:57:43

how do i join the crew


2015-03-20 13:50:14



2015-04-24 12:21:48



2017-07-09 22:36:54

Minions are small, yellow creatures who have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from single-celled organisms into beings who exist only to serve history's most despicable masters.[15] After rolling their leader T-Rex down a volcano, getting their caveman leader eaten by a bear, crushing a Pharaoh under the pyramids, burning Dracula on his birthday party, and accidentally firing a cannon at Napoleon, the Minions are driven into isolation and decide to start a new life in a massive cave in the Arctic. After many years, the Minions become depressed, restless and unmotivated without a master to serve. To regain their dignity and sense of purpose, Kevin, one fearless Minion, decides to set out to find a new master and asks for help. Stuart, a musically inclined Minion and Bob, a young and inexperienced but enthusiastic Minion, are recruited.
The trio journey to New York where the year is 1968. After spending the day attempting to blend in, the Minions end up in a department store for the night, where they discover a hidden commercial broadcast for villains advertising Villain-Con; a convention for villains and supervillains in Orlando. The trio manage to hitchhike a ride with a family of villains called the Nelsons and impress them with their accidental villainy. Once at the convention, they see Scarlet Overkill, the first female supervillain, and they impress her enough for her to hire them. As Scarlet takes the Minions to her home in England, Kevin contacts the other Minions, who later find a yeti and claim him as their new boss, but accidentally kill the leader yeti, when a minion plays the tuba, and are chased out of their cave by the other yeti. They make their way to England to find Kevin, Bob, and Stuart.
At her home, Scarlet explains the plan to steal the Imperial State Crown from the Queen of England and promises to reward the Minions if they successfully steal it, threatening that she will kill them if they don't. Her husband Herb supplies them with inventions to aid in the heist, but they are nearly caught when they break into the Tower of London, which leads to a highly publicized chase that ends with Bob crashing into the Sword in the Stone and pulling it free, removing the Queen of England from the throne and becoming King Bob of England. Enraged by this, Scarlet confronts the Minions, so Bob abdicates the throne in her favor. Scarlet expresses her gratitude, but is also undeterred because she feels betrayed. Scarlet imprisons the three in a dungeon to be tortured by Herb before her coronation, but afterwards, they are left alone and escape with the intention to apologize to Scarlet.
Making their way to Westminster Abbey, the three of them interrupt the coronation by accidentally dropping a chandelier on Scarlet, who immediately orders their execution. Dozens of villains chase them and Bob and Stuart are caught while Kevin finds his way into a pub. He sees Scarlet on a television, promising that she will kill Stuart and Bob if Kevin doesn't show up by dawn. Kevin sneaks into Scarlet's home to steal weapons, but inadvertently triggers a machine Herb was building and enlarges himself. He tramples through London, rescuing his friends just as the other Minions reunite with them. Scarlet tries to eradicate them, but Kevin swallows a massive missile she fires at them. Scarlet and Herb attempt to escape with her rocket-dress, but Kevin holds onto it. The missile detonates, apparently killing Kevin and the Overkills. After the Minions briefly mourn him, Kevin returns, having returned to his normal size.
The original Queen from the earlier part of the story receives her place on the throne and crown back and rewards Bob with a tiny crown for his teddy bear and Stuart an electric guitar (later replaced by a snow globe after an over-enthusiastic Stuart breaks the guitar), and she knights Kevin for his heroism. She suddenly realizes that her crown is missing, and Kevin leads a chase after Scarlet and Herb, who are revealed to be alive and are fleeing through the crowd with the bejeweled crown until they are suddenly frozen in place by a young Gru, who steals the crown from them and takes off in a rocket-powered motorbike while the Minions stare in awe. Bob gives his crown to the frozen Scarlet, as the Minions see Gru as their new potential master and give chase to follow him home.